Tonsion Wireless 2.4G Headset V810

Tonsion Wireless 2.4G Headset V810
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Tonsion Wireless 2.4G Headset V810

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Tonsion Wireless 2.4G Headset V810COLORVIS_V810

To further enhance the Tonsion brand image, product value, rich personalized retail headset product line, Tonsion special launch of the V810 2.4G wireless headset, the relevant product information as follows:
I. Main features:
Appearance simple and stylish headset first beam, the use of leather and sponge fillers, no pressure, comfortable to wear earmuffs;
2, ergonomic design, the ear shell rotate 90 degrees, comfort adjustable;
3, the surface of a special process, highlighted tonsion blue decorative box decorative, highlighting the high-end fashion
4, skin earmuffs, ear comfort, large drive unit, perfect to restore music, soft and natural sound quality;
5, the rotary earmuffs structure, go to the lying position