Santakups 1200VA

Santakups 1200VA
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Santakups 1200VA

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B Series 1200VA        

To meet the requirement of the network system to the power, Santakups has developed a new generation UPS - Bpro offline series. It adopts 32bits data-bus microprocessor with robust processing power that is capable of detecting and controlling quickly and accurately all movement of UPS to ensure product high reliability.            

Owe to the use of the double-conversion circuit design, the power used by load is the pure sine wave power by stabilizing voltage and stabilizing frequency and noisy signals filter.            
Furthermore, Bpro series UPS is specially designed for users of advanced workstations and network nodes. Moreover, it achieves the intelligent functions such time self-inspection, automatic disk-saving, automatic time switch ON/OFF and automatic power status recordation, etc, so it achieves the zero distance of communication between user and UPS.            

When utility power is disconnected, UPS informs the server immediately and gets ready to be switched off and automatically saves all data before performing the normal switch-off instruction. Even in an unattended network environment, UPS can ensure data safety of the network system.            

Model:    1200A
Max capacity(VA):1200VA(720W)
Rated Capacity:1200VA(720W)
Input    Commerical power range:    145VAC-280VAC    
AVR range:165VAC-270VAC    
Output    Commerical power:Sine-wave    
Inversion:Simulated sine-wave    
Frequency:Commercial power supply:shared frequency with the commercial inversion state:50Hz±0.5    
AVR voltage range:220VAC±10%(Auto-sensing)    
Transfer time:Typical:5ms(Including detection time)    
Protection Overload:UPS automatically shutdown if overload exceeds 150% of normal value for 30 seconds and 180% for 3 seconds    
Short circuit:UPS Output is cut off immediately or input circuit breaker protection    
Alarm:Battery back-up:Beeping sound every 4 seconds when the input is cut off    
Battery low voltage: Beeping sound every 1 seconds when the input is cut off    
Overload: Continuously beeping sound when overload    
Battery    Type:Sealed,maintenance-free lead acid    
Recharge time:8 Hours to 90% of full capacity    
Back-up time:Typical 20 min(Halfload)    
Battery protection:Automatic self-test,discharge protection    
Communication interface    RS232(port):(B)    Bi-directional communication port
Net weight    12kg
Gross weight    12.5kg
Size(mm)DxWxH    375x130x190

Outside Packing    Weight    28.5kg
Quantity    2
Size(mm)DxWxH    495x460x315
Remark    Communication port: NO        
Specification only for reference . Subject to change without prior notice        
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