Allways ups battery 12v 7.5ah

Allways ups battery 12v 7.5ah
Product Code: Allways ups battery 12v 7.5ah
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Allways ups battery 12v 7.5ah

Price: $14.00  
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Allways_UPS_Battery_12V_7.5VA001Allways ups battery 12v 7.5ah
Product Description

1.Possessed  lead grid production technology and production line, which effective help you with quality and cost control;
2. As a profesional UPS battery,it can supports all kinds of ups and 12 month warranty;
3. As a UL, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certified ups battery , the battery quality can definitely satisfy you. The lead acid battery is widely applied for new energy, telecommunication, banking, medical industry, fire fighting, public safety system and etc.

UPS battery construction:
1. Container/Cover: Made of UL94HB or UL 94VO ABS Plastic.
2. Negative Plates: Use the special PbCa alloy grids, optimize the recombination efficiency and less gassing.
3. AGM Separator: Import high quality AGM separator.
4. Positive plates: PbCa grids minimize corrosion and prolong life.
5. Terminal post: Cooper material with maximum conductivity, enhance the high current rapidly.
6. Vent Valve: Allows the release of excess gas automatically for safety.

Model No. Nominal Voltage Rated Capacity (10hrs) Dimensions Weight Terminal Carton Dimension
SS7.5-12 12V 7.5AH 151*65*94*100mm 2.25kg T1 314*280*120mm